EKOGRID Oy develops and provides technologies for soil, groundwater and sediment remediation under the EKOGRID™ Technology brand name. The EKOGRID™ technology has proven to be an ecological, economical and sustainable remediation solution for organic contaminations in soil, groundwater and sediment.

The EKOGRID™ solution is available globally via collaborative partners appointed on a geographical or business sector basis and we are actively expanding our partner network.

The EKOGRID company was established in 2009 and the Head Office is located in Helsinki, Finland. EKOGRID Oy is a privately owned company.

Our patented products and technologies are based on utilizing electricity, more precisely electrokinetic and electrochemical reactions, that are cost-effective, simple to install, and safe to use, both for the operators and the environment.


Our goal is to develop the patented EKOGRID technology into the world’s leading in-situ cleaning technology for all applicable operating environments.

Following the values of sustainable development, EKOGRID technology and related services promote well-being and build a safe living environment globally.

Market approach

EKOGRID makes its unique range of products and services available worldwide through a network of collaborative partners. Our partners are usually appointed to scout for projects and to manage the local installations to sites where EKOGRID technology is then installed with support of the EKOGRID team.

We are currently inviting interested parties to work with us in the of soil and groundwater remediation sector and the land development industry. Please contact us directly for more information.