EKOGRID Enhanced Bioremediation used in successful project with Recowell Solutions Group

Group’s Press Release 21.1.2021

Finnish Environmental Technology Makes a Breakthrough in Africa

Recowell Solutions Group´s technology successfully remediates first contaminated site in one of the world´s largest oil contaminated areas in Nigeria.

Finnish Recowell Solutions Group’s technology was successfully used to remediate oil contamination in Ogoniland, Nigeria. Foundations for the success are a long term commitment to addressing environmental challenges in Nigeria and working together with local partners. The Group was one of the first actors to operate in the area. This project follows the success of the Group’s initial demonstration in the site back in 2018.

As the Hydrocarbon Pollution Remediation Project (HYPREP), managed by the Nigerian government,  proceeded to the remediation phase, Recowell Solutions Group’s technology was used to remediate Lot 4 of the first 21 sites allocated for soil remediation. Sites were allocated via international tendering. The project will scale up in the coming years. UNEP as part of the board of trustees of the Ogoni Restoration Fund, coordinates budgeted 1 billion USD funds for the soil and groundwater remediation in Ogoniland.

“We succeeded remarkably well in our first actual project, as well as with our previous demonstration project in Ogoniland. The investments made together with our local partners will now be used to target more projects in Nigeria and especially with HYPREP,” says Jussi Koskinen, Chairman of the Board, Recowell Solutions Group.

Oil contaminations generated in Nigeria in the past decades are vast. There are tens of thousands of square kilometres of contaminated areas. Alone in Ogoniland UNEP’s Environmental assessment recommended an initial budget of 1 billion USD for the first five years of remediation. The full-scale remediation work will take decades.

Recowell Solution Groups technology is optimal for the efficient remediation at the contaminated sites and there is no need for excavation and transporting the soils for off-site remediation.

“We strongly believe that the recent success will increase the interest for our technology. Our combined solution is very effective for remediation of both contaminated soil and groundwater. There are very few alternatives for cost efficient groundwater remediation such as ours,” adds Koskinen.

Recowell Solutions Group offers a combined technology for the remediation of petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soil and ground water and clean-up of oil-spills. The essence of the methodology are the microbes capable of degrading petroleum hydrocarbons. The Group’s solution maintains the optimal environmental conditions at any depth and soil type, for efficient remediation to meet the targets set by the authorities.

Firstly, the biodegradable oil-absorbent and slow-release nutrient source ORS-SORB is mixed with the contaminated soil to contain the petroleum hydrocarbons. Remediation is kick-started by bioremediation solution KEEEN OSC, including high-performance enzymes and non-toxic bio activators. Työkone Koivisto Oy’s expertise on soil mixing and excavations is used for advisory on the site works. EKOGRIDTM Enhanced Bioremediation Technology is applied to cover the whole polluted soil volume to create oxygen and free radicals and further enhancing the bioremediation by mixing the ions, water, microbes and the petroleum hydrocarbons within the whole treatment volume.


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