EKOGRID™ technology is being used to remediate saline soils in Canada. Saline soils are soils with a high concentration of soluble salts, such as chlorides and sodium, which is a common soil contamination challenge in Western Canada. The salt removal application of EKOGRID™ has been tested already in 2019 and 2020 by Signum Environmental in Canada and results have been promising. Now Signum is using the solution in larger scale in-situ pilot. Main contaminants at the pilot site are chlorides and the concentrations are up to 3000 mg/l. Target is to lower the concentrations to TIER 1 level of 100 mg/l. The pilot area is approximately 800 square meters with 38 electrodes in clayey sandy soils. All the electrodes are tubular and perforated to enable pumping salty water from any point of the site. The site also has several wells to monitor the progress of remediation and soil sampling will be done regularly. The concept of salt removal is based on the powerful electro osmotic effect of EKOGRIDTM and the electromigration caused by pulsed direct current. Target is to move chlorides and sodium to collection points at the electrodes and remove the salts permanently from soil by pumping regularly water from the electrodes. Water and charged particles such as chlorides and sodium move towards electrodes working either as cathodes or anodes. “This new application has wide demand in Canada and will open new opportunities in saline soil remediation for us”, says Ron Lutz, managing director of Signum Environmental, which is EKOGRIDTM’s long term partner in Canada. The results of the latest pilot are expected latest in spring 2022, but first results are already promising. “We are really excited to see, if this will lead us to a new and growing business area with EKOGRIDTM Technology” supports Sami Humala, sales director at EKOGRID Oy.