In-situ Remediation Agreement Between Mares Italy and EKOGRID Expanded

Progress on initial remediation of polluted petrol stations in Italy leads Eko Harden Technologies to extend its co-operation agreements with Italian remediation specialist Mares; agreements now cover all industrial sectors in Italy and other European sites

Helsinki, 11th December 2018 – Greentech remediation specialist Eko Harden Technologies Oy today announces two new co-operation agreements with international pollution clean-up industrialist Mares S.r.L, a subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Italy.

Eko Harden Technologies’ original two-year co-operation agreement with Mares dates back to May 2018 and covered the clean-up of petrol stations in Italy using the pioneering EKOGRID in-situ remediation solution.

Whilst the Eko Harden Technologies and Mares agreement is still in its infancy, sufficient progress has been made for Eko Harden Technologies to grant the request of Mares to extend the original contract to a four year period and to cover other industrial sectors in Italy requiring soil, ground-water and sediments in-situ remediation.

A second co-operation agreement has also been entered into by the two parties covering about 1,000 Pan European sites in Benelux, Denmark, Spain and Sweden.

“Since May this year, Mares has already set up and begun remediation of the first petrol station in Italy using our EKOGRID in-situ remediation solution and another twelve have been prepared for remediation early in the New Year,” says Iisak Lusua, CCO and founding partner of Eko Harden Technologies. “These projects that Mares will undertake in Italy and across Europe will benefit the environment and our business in 2019.”

“Since entering into the first EKOGRID agreement with Eko Harden Technologies, Mares has had tremendous feedback from our markets on the full potential of this in-situ remediation solution,” adds Francesco Cappelli, Managing Director of Mares S.R.L. “It is quite remarkable, easy to set up and install, delivers fast results and is truly the solution for our environmentally sensitive time.”

EKOGRID technology has successfully performed soil remediation of organic pollutants at polluted sites in Africa, China, Europe, South America and the United States. These include old industrial sites, petrol stations, parking lots and a wide range of manufacturing plants. EKOGRID has proven highly effective at reducing the content of aliphatic hydrocarbons and crude oil, and also aromic compounds such as PAH, BTEX and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

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