Italy is one of the first European countries EKOGRID™ Technology has been applied in together in cooperation with our long-term partner MARES S.r.l.

Today, besides utilizing EKOGRID™ Technology in MARES remediation projects in Italy, we are working together to further study and develop IN-SITU remediation methods for a variety of challenging project environments. All information gathered from the projects helps us to understand and find answers to questions involving IN-SITU remediation.

One of the key learnings is that efficient Bioremediation is enabled by combining and optimizing supporting elements critical for bacterial activity. Those elements include supply of nutrients, moist and oxidative conditions. EKOGRID™ Technology itself not only provides oxidative conditions, but also other important and essential effects for active breakdown of hydrocarbons. Learn more about our technology here:


Our partner Mares S.r.l, Environmental Authorities as well as Problem Owners in Italy have been broad-minded when it comes to testing and accepting innovative technologies for the remediation of contaminated environments. The benefits of IN-SITU technologies, especially EKOGRID™ Technology include non-destructiveness, energy efficiency, utilisation of alternative energy sources, simultaneous capability to remediate soil and groundwater. These features bear more and more weight when choosing remediation methods for environmentally friendly clean-ups. 

The LIFE Sedremed project in Bagnoli Bay, Naples, is continuing its course. Together with our partners we are focused on solving the challenge of remediation of contaminated sediments IN-SITU.

Italy has very much become a strategic market for EKOGRID Oy, and we see the future development in a very positive light.