EKOGRID commissions PAH pilot project with LTU

EKOGRID collaborates with Luleå University of Technology, LTU in EiCLaR project to remediate PAH contamination. EKOGRID™ has been installed in Boden close to Luleå, Sweden to manage the remediation of PAH contamination in logistics area. This in-situ pilot continues work done previously with LTU on PAH’s and arsenic contaminations.

EKOGRID™ Enhanced Bioremediation Technology was installed with our partners in LTU to in-situ site. The contamination is mainly in sediment under slowly flowing water stream. The contamination is targeted with electrodes installed in the sediment and managed by one EKOGRID™ control unit.

The purpose of the project is to document the effect of EKOGRID™’s low voltage pulsed DC current for PAH contamination concentrations in sediment for the EiCLaR project. EKOGRID’s target is to acquire additional academic information on sediment remediation and to further support the commercialization of EKOGRID™ in sediment environments. EKOGRID™ Enhanced Bioremediation Technology has already been successfully used in several PAH contamination remediation projects.

Project EiCLaR is a EUR 6.7 million project funded by the EU and China and is composed of 13 EU and 5 Chinese partners. EiCLaR will develop scientific and technical innovations for in situ bioremediation technologies that will be directly developed into industrial processes for the rapid, efficient, cost-effective treatment of a range of environmental pollutants such as chlorinated solvents, heavy metals and pesticides over the next 48 months. These technologies (Electro-Nanobioremediation, Monitored Bioaugmentation, Bioelectrochemical Remediation, and Enhanced Phytoremediation) will enable bioremediation approaches to expand their range of applications to industrial sites that contain complex, high concentration pollutant mixtures.

This project will move the proof-of-concepts to industrial commercial processes through laboratory studies to explore the scientific base, scale-up techniques and field demonstrations. EiCLaR’s environmentally sustainable and low impact methods will provide partners involved across contaminated land management value chains (researchers, site managers, developers, procurers, service providers, technology providers) with the tools to manage contaminated soil and groundwater and improve the environmental quality across many sites throughout Europe and China.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme  under grant agreement N°965945.”