We are launching a brand-new section on NEWS: EKOGRID Market Update.  In this section we are reviewing new projects and opportunities country by country in our target markets. First market update comes from Estonia.

We have been working in partnership with the environmental consultant MAVES Oü since 2018. The first project was the remediation of PAH compounds on a new development. The installation and the treatment were done drilling through the garage floor and around the building. The project was completed successfully in 2018.

Currently we are working with our partner MAVES Oü on 4 new in-situ projects. They are in Tallinn and in Tartu. The clients include: the Tartu City Government, the Tallinn Strategic Management Office, the Republic of Estonia Centre for Defence Investment, and a private property developer. The municipal and governmental projects have gone through the public procurement process.  All the remediation projects are done by combining EKOGRIDTM Enhanced Bioremediation Technology with either nutrient or enzyme additives. In these projects we have used our partners WaterRem Solutions products for optimizing the remediation process.

We are now on tendering process for two new projects in Estonia. This strongly suggests, that EKOGRIDTM has been welcomed to Estonia as a sustainable, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly soil and groundwater remediation method.