Electrokinetic Remediation - Easy Video Explanation

Electrokinetic Oxidation is the most advanced and field-proven in-situ Electrokinetic Remediation technique in commercial use. It provides a fast, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way for remediating and cleaning up polluted soil, groundwater, and sediments. Although Electrokinetic Oxidation is simply based on natural, chemical, and physical reactions, it can be difficult to understand how it works.

Do you want to see the coolest and easiest explanation for Electrokinetic Oxidation? Watch this video created by one of the EKOGRID partners, Mares Italia!

Electrokinetic Remediation in-brief

Electrokinetic Remediation based on oxidation is an advanced in-situ remediation technique, which utilizes electrochemical reactions to generate chemical radicals on the surface of soil particles,  and electrokinetic and electro-osmotic phenomena to increase the availability of organic contaminants for bioremediation, chemical degradation or mechanical removal. Steel electrodes are inserted into the contaminated soil or groundwater in a grid formation consisting of rows of anodes and cathodes.  Low voltage electric pulses are run through the grid controlled by a control unit.

Electrokinetic Remediation Explanation Video

Here is a video created by Mares Italy for explaining the Electrokinetic Oxidation in-situ remediation technique. Click below to see the video on our Vimeo channel!